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After leaving school it is EQ, not IQ that is the most critical factor in our success. The World Economic Forum has declared that emotional intelligence will be one of the Top-10 most required career skills by 2020.

Jun 19, 2018

Episode #12:  Management vs. Leadership


Episode Notes


At some point in our careers we have all come into contact with the 'Toxic Leader'. This is the person who is so old school and wrestling internally with so much fear that they simply poison the organization with their habits and actions. Yet they survive. It would be easy simply to avoid these people, but often we have no choice but to face them.


By lowering our own walls and focusing on what's really important, we reconnect with our authenticity while developing our emotional intelligence.  This is the best way to engage the toxic leader. It frustrates them of course.  They want desperately to steal everyone's energy and encourage others to also become the victims like they already are. These usually end up leaving the organization once the culture turns against them, but until that happens they act as an obstacle to achieving high performance results.


When things are going well there is little urgency for change.  We tend to want to manage the people and processes involved.  This is a mistake because people can only be led, they cannot be effectively managed.


Management and leadership require different skill sets that are designed to achieve different outcomes.  Both are needed but have separate and distinct roles.  Management’s primary function is to maintain and improve upon the existing status quo.  The role of authentic, emotionally intelligent leaders is to move beyond the status quo in order for innovation and change to occur.


You can manage the herd or you can lead the herd but you cannot do both at the same time.  The willingness to risk will be so uncomfortable for the managers around you that many will be dying to see you fail. This will confirm their way of being within the organization.  If you fail, they don’t have to change.  In order to lead you need a sense of urgency that fuels your unstoppable determination to disrupt the status quo.  The willingness to risk failure for what you believe requires your emotional labor.  It is the true measure of the importance of your desired result to you.


A sheepdog is an individual with the courage to believe they can succeed where others have failed.  We need to be developing more sheepdogs within every organization.  The MBL coach’s job is to teach, coach, encourage and challenge those individuals that want to lead their organizations to better results


Our special guest today is Ram Saridena (   Ram is a SAP team member of IT Enterprise Application Department at Hitachi High Technologies America.  He is responsible for the finance and controlling modules.


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