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After leaving school it is EQ, not IQ that is the most critical factor in our success. The World Economic Forum has declared that emotional intelligence will be one of the Top-10 most required career skills by 2020.

Sep 24, 2018

Episode #19: The Future of Leadership

There is a battle coming between the virtues of love as opposed to hate; service as opposed to self-interest; sacrifice as opposed to selfishness and valor as opposed to cowardice.  Ultimately the fight will be between the authentic emotionally intelligent among us and those that seek to control and manipulate others.

We need to be identifying and developing those among us willing to do the emotional labor that becoming a sheepdog requires.  Sheepdogs have a sense of personal responsibility to protect the herd by leading the sheep to safety and away from the wolves that want to feed off of them.  These are the individuals with the authenticity and emotional intelligence to inspire and lead the sheep to safety.  They are essential to changing the culture within an organization. 


The sheepdogs inspire the sheep to begin moving in the direction of the change initiative.  As the number of sheepdogs continues to grow it becomes less risky for the sheep to follow their authentic, emotionally intelligent leadership.


There will always be wolves in every organization that seek to control and manipulate others.  They are cunning hunters that seek to feed off of the sheep in their environment.  Sheepdogs protect the sheep and force the wolves to look elsewhere for their food.  The future of leadership will be determined by the battle between the sheepdogs and wolves among us.






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