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After leaving school it is EQ, not IQ that is the most critical factor in our success. The World Economic Forum has declared that emotional intelligence will be one of the Top-10 most required career skills by 2020.

Jan 28, 2019

Episode #28: Angels, Demons And Middle Management


Management’s primary function is to maintain and improve upon the existing status quo.  In this process they are often pulled in the direction of the angels or demons within the organization.


Abraham Lincoln sometimes referred to certain people as those with the courage to bringing forth the better angels of their nature.  In contrast to these individuals, demons habitually hide their true intent to control and manipulate others. 


Demons lack the authenticity and emotional intelligence that is fundamental to inspirational leadership.  They create unsafe, toxic work environments where attempts to innovate and change go unrewarded.  They encourage drama, chaos and conflict.  Demons have the greatest difficulty embracing innovation and change.


Angels have discovered that the key better results is learning to lower their walls by becoming less resistive, judgmental and attached to outcome.  An organization can have the best strategic plan in the world but without a culture rooted in authenticity and emotional intelligence it will not succeed.


Today more and more companies are cultivating and promoting authenticity and emotional intelligence throughout their organizations.  Their better angels are emerging to out care their competition.   Generosity and compassion require courage and strength of purpose.  This is the key to higher levels of engagement, productivity and growth. 


Historically the market value of a company was often considered to be roughly twice its net asset value.  Now the market value of a growing number of companies is, in some cases, forty or fifty times their net asset value.  Why the change?  It is because the market is beginning to understand and value the importance of the human capital within an organization.


The development of the organization’s authenticity and emotionally intelligence is their key advantage in the marketplace.  It enables them to take action and in the process confront the fears, habits and perceptions that stand in the way of innovation and change.  It creates higher levels of engagement ensuring better results both now and in the future.


We are seeing a fundamental shift in organizational behavior.  A growing number of individuals and organizations are learning how to become more patient, connected and emotionally intelligent.  There are significant challenges associated with these shifts in behavior but the need and the results outweigh the emotional labor required to achieve them.  The development of our human potential will produce better results both now and in the future. 


The path to developing our emotional intelligence begins by visualizing what we want.  We must see what we want before we can start to bring it into reality.  We are doing one of the wisest things we can possibly do by working from the inside out.  Our current results are nothing more than the physical manifestation of our previous thoughts.


Our special guest is Mark Hughes, Director of Sales at ForcastEra.  He lives in the San Francisco Bay area.


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