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After leaving school it is EQ, not IQ that is the most critical factor in our success. The World Economic Forum has declared that emotional intelligence will be one of the Top-10 most required career skills by 2020.

Mar 28, 2020

Episode #37: COVID-19 Now It’s Someday


When our immune system heats up we may experience this as a fever.  Our body is in the process of building large numbers of antibodies to defend itself again viruses attacking us at a
cellular level. 


In a similar way we experience anxiety when we feel our energy is being taken or given away. We become resistive, judgmental or attached to outcome as a way of defending ourselves.  This
actually makes our challenges more difficult to overcome.  It creates toxic environments filled with drama, chaos and conflict.


The solution to anxiety is connected to our level of authenticity and emotional intelligence. These are skills and abilities that can be developed and mastered by anyone.  They raise our level of consciousness enabling us to turn the challenges we face into opportunities.


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