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After leaving school it is EQ, not IQ that is the most critical factor in our success. The World Economic Forum has declared that emotional intelligence will be one of the Top-10 most required career skills by 2020.

Apr 9, 2018

Episode #7: The Primary Responsibility of Every Executive


Episode Notes


The 3rd Wave referred to as the Internet of EVERYTHING is coming.  Large organizations need to begin partnering with entrepreneurs if the larger organizations are going to survive.  Revolutionary change has always been met with resistance, fear and skepticism.  It must have been very frustrating for Henry Ford to discuss the emerging automotive industry with people who believed cars would never replace horses as the dominant form of transportation.  The recognition and acceptance of the growing need for authenticity and emotional intelligence is working its way through similar challenges. 


Every important idea starts out on the fringe of society.  Those that have an urgent desire for better results.  Then new idea is not obvious, proven or readily understood.  Gradually the new idea begins to resonate with a small group of believers, advocates and evangelists.  The risk is leadership decreases as more and more people begin to embrace the new idea.  


Sometimes the risky idea is seen by some as a new thing. They alert their network of trusted friends who want to be in on the new thing.  When enough of them embrace a new thing it becomes a hot thing and then the hot thing begins moving toward acceptance by the masses.  


Finally, as we saw in the Henry Ford example, when enough people begin to accept the new idea, the rest of the people jump on board insisting that the new idea has always been the right thing to do.  One day a system works, the next day it is under water.  Revolutionary not evolutionary change is needed and this will require our emotional labor.  


The evolutionary approach of building upon the current system will no longer work. We need a revolutionary new approach to change that will require the development of authenticity and emotional intelligence throughout the entire organization.  Individuals and organizations are beginning to move in this direction.  The leaders of this change revolution will achieve the greatest results.


An executive’s primary responsibility is to create a safe work environment for the people that report to them.  Many of us are afraid of the rapid change occurring around us.  We are embarrassingly unaware of how divided our organizations and societies have become.


If we lose trust in our leaders’ willingness to protect us; if we feel unsafe we will not take risks.  We will not innovate or embrace change.  If we do not trust our leadership we will become more fragmented and vulnerable to threats.  The current system will not work.  We need a revolutionary new approach that develops each individual’s authenticity and emotional intelligence.  Those “sheepdogs” that get their first will need to inspire the rest of us to follow them.


A company’s employees are more important than their customers.  Gallup has determined there is a high correlation between the level of employee engagement and the level of customer engagement.  The safer your employees feel the more engaged your customers will become.


Our special guest today is Brian Bakstran (   Brian is VP Americas Marketing at Veeam, the leader and fastest growing company in the data availability market.


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