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After leaving school it is EQ, not IQ that is the most critical factor in our success. The World Economic Forum has declared that emotional intelligence will be one of the Top-10 most required career skills by 2020.

Mar 26, 2018

Episode #6: Happiness and Emotional Intelligence


Episode Notes


Dopamine (Anticipation), Serotonin (Popularity), Oxytocin (Trust)


These are our brain’s three main “happiness” neuro chemicals.


Dopamine is sometimes referred to as the “anticipation” neuro-chemical. It is released in our body by the anticipation of some NEW reward we can achieve. Once we achieve that reward the dopamine trigger stops. It has done its job. Eating protein, particularly in the morning, has been said to help in the creation of dopamine but it is the anticipation of some new reward that causes its release.


Serotonin can be thought of as the “popularity” neuro-chemical. Our focus shifts to lifting people up, not putting them down. People begin saying positive things about us. Learning to behave authentically feels good and triggers the brain’s release of this neuro-chemical.


Oxytocin is considered the “trust” neuro-chemical. It is released when we feel we have the trust, support and protection of the tribes in which we share common experience. They trust us and we trust them. The primary responsibility of every executive is to establish an environment where trusting relationships are created.


The development of our authenticity and emotional intelligence gives us the ability to experience our brain’s happiness neuro-chemicals more often.


Our special guest is Julie Leverenz, MBL (   Julie is a Senior Global Marketing Director at NetApp.  


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