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After leaving school it is EQ, not IQ that is the most critical factor in our success. The World Economic Forum has declared that emotional intelligence will be one of the Top-10 most required career skills by 2020.

Jan 7, 2019

MBL Minute: Competition For Talent And Barrel Of Apples


Episode Notes


Research has shown it typically takes an IQ of 110-120 to get an advanced college degree.  Up until now most companies have focused on an individual’s ability to do intellectual labor.  As a result there is little variation within an organization in intellectual ability at the executive level.  Further, there has been little or no consideration given to an individual’s level of authenticity and emotional intelligence.  So there is a much wider range of variation in authenticity and emotional intelligence among executives and other employees within an organization.


“One bad apple can spoil a barrel but one good egg does not make a dozen.”


It is much easier to remove toxic individuals from an organization although most people have the ability to change their behavior if they are motivated to do the work required.  Unfortunately toxic individuals often use their position based power to create drama, chaos and conflict within their organizations.  The results of this type of behavior and the culture it creates has become too costly to tolerate.


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