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After leaving school it is EQ, not IQ that is the most critical factor in our success. The World Economic Forum has declared that emotional intelligence will be one of the Top-10 most required career skills by 2020.

Jun 18, 2019

MBL Minute: Kawhi Leonard's Leadership And Higher Consciousness


Episode Notes


Kawhi Leonard’s Leadership


Kawhi Leonard is considered by many to be one of the greatest NBA players to ever play the game yet it is who he is as a person that is most impressive.  He is not the “quiet assassin” some sports commentators have suggested.  On the contrary, he is an authentic leader, able to see what others cannot because they have been blinded by their walls.  The emotional labor he practices has enabled him to lower his walls by becoming less resistive, judgmental and attached to outcome in both on and off the court situations. 



Higher Consciousness


The person most present is most influential.  We can develop greater presence by learning to become less resistant, judgmental and attached to outcome.  We would be surprised to realize how little time we spend being actually present.  A higher consciousness reduces the mindless and habitual fight, flight or freeze response to the anxiety that change and innovation creates.  This enables us to stay more aware and focused on the reality of the present moment.











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